About Jeff Roy

pic jeff 2My name is Jeff, and I’ve been teaching English at the college level for more than ten years.

I’m proud of my Liberal Arts education (BA, MA), but in the last years my interest has turned toward the business world. I got degrees in Accounting and Management, and I’m currently teaching Commerce students.

My goal here is to combine my passion for self-development / personal productivity with my experience in learning to help people become better learners at work and in their life.

Three more things about me:

  1.  I’m an optimist: I think human beings’ capacity for learning has been their most important asset, and it will continue to help us through today’s global challenges.
  2. I’m an incrementalist: I believe that our intelligence is malleable and that we can improve our brain’s capacity to learn and solve problems (Dweck).
  3. I’m a GTD’er: I’m a big fan of David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology. It’s had a big influence in my life and without it, this blog wouldn’t have been possible.

To know more about where this blog is going, check my blogging strategy.

Don’t hesitate to communicate with me.

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